Global Peace Prayer


“Let us avert war and heal the world through prayer.”


The Earth is in the midst of an history CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT. Our awareness on this planet is changing as we become more aware of higher dimensions and higher “planes of consciousness.” This period has been described by many clairvoyants, as we become more aware of beings on higher planes, and become more aware of our own spiritual nature. We are finding that, in addition to being physical bodies, each of us is an immortal soul that is here to learn on the Earth. It is our temporary classroom.

At the present time we are waking up to the understanding that we are not alone in the universe. There are many civilizations throughout the cosmos, and many of them are here at this time to help us through this dramatic “graduation” as we grow into cosmic citizens.

The situation can be summarized by the message of Out of Body (OBE) researcher Bruce Moen who encountered a massive ET craft while using Monroe Institute hemi-synch technology. They told him:

 “We’ve come to this region to witness events taking place on the Earth. Specifically, the Great Event that is happening here to the Earth School …Its our understanding that one of the potential results of the Earth Changes, as you call them, is that the Earth will be joining our federation…” (Moen, 1999)

This same message has come from many clairvoyants, ET abductees and contactees, mediums, and in Past-life and between life hypnotic regressions. The message is consistent: We on the Earth are about to undergo a profound CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT, and in the process are moving into the “fifth density” which will bring advances in consciousness along with many physical Earth changes. This shift is the ultimate cause for the profound changes occurring on the Earth at this time.

 This is the central Event of our time. We ask that prayers be made to help ang guide all of us in this critical time.

The Earth changes occurring now, including our advances in consciousness, have the goal that the Earth can finally join the “federation” of other advanced civilizations in the Cosmos. This requires that we raise our consciousness so we can recognize and remove entrenched forces and interests on the Earth that have held back our progress. Breakthroughs in technology, energy, travel and medicine have been held back for more than a century. Sweeping away the old entrenched interests will enable us to receive and properly use these advances that have heretofore been locked up in secret programs and suppressed whenever introduced by inventors. The awakening new level of consciousness on the Earth will help us to wisely protect and use such new advances.

The old entrenched economic and political powers on the Earth are being challenged by rising economies in Asia, and scientific breakthroughs are leading to a potential shift in the existing economic order.  The earth appears on the threshold of a new era. Something radically new is in human history is about to be recognized. There are many clues that “disclosure” of the presence of off-planet advanced races, “aliens” or ETs, are very real, and they have been here for a long time. And now it is time to recognized them and integrate them into our society and our economy.

There are many indications that we on the Earth have a great deal to gain from finally recognizing the alien presence. First of all, researchers who follow this subject closely tell us that many of our modern inventions come from interacting with such groups, and there have been benevolent contacts continuing for at least half a century. However, this relationship is complicated by the existence of many groups with very different agendas, not all of which are believed to be friendly to us. So “disclosure” and the final recognition of the ET presence, leading hopefully to diplomatic  agreements and cooperation, will bring can bring many benefits if done wisely.

Among the rumored boons of their technology are believed to be medicine that can greatly extend our lives and eliminate illness. There are believed to be technologies for producing clean, cheap and abundant energy, and methods of propulsion that will allow us to explore the stars quickly and easily. These and other technologies will transform our world. However, it is  also encumbent upon us to use these gifts wisely.

In my research into the Afterlife, I have learned that research and learning also continues there, and that scientists in the higher planes know of many similar technologies that could transform our science. However, they have been forbidden from sharing it with us as long as we are materialistic, aggressive and competitive. They know we will misuse such knowledge. And the same caveat applies to technology we get in exchanges with ETs. It is necessary that we approach all such advances with a spiritual attitude. We  can only keep such technologies if our behaviour continues to merit it. And that means that such advances are only to be used for the good of all, and never to be turned to violence or domination.

Some of the political turmoil we see in our world today is caused by different factions that desire to turn this future to their own benefit. In order to receive such a future, we need to deserve it, and that means that groups that seek to dominate must be restrained. The government of the world must seek to be altruistic. The voices of greed and violence must be silenced. The dominant government that arises on the Earth must be motivated by spiritual aspirations. It must recognize that we are all spiritual beings, here to learn to love and help one another, and that we are all deeply connected at the Soul level.

To help the Earth to make this transition into a new way of thinking will require help from all of us. This is where Peace Prayers can be powerful. We ask that we conduct them at regular intervals to assist the Earth in this time of transition to a higher plane of consciousness. We will be learning many challenging facts in the coming days and years. We will be encountering many new and strange beings that seem, at first glance, foreign to us. We will need to develop “new eyes” so we perceive them as our cousins, our brothers, our ancestors removed by many millennia. We are all connected, and in the years to come we will be re-connecting. Let us pray that we learn to welcome one another, to listen with our hearts when we encounter strange new beings, and in the end we will be astonished how much we can learn from them, and how our world can blossom as we greet and welcome them.

In order to help the Earth get through this time, which may also be challenged by Earth changes and new energies that stress our emotions, we ask that everyone send out Peace Prayers to help smooth the energies of the Earth, and to help each of us adjust to these new experiences. Peace Prayers can be especially effective if they are done simultaneously around the world, and can be even stronger if they are carries out at a certain time when they have the greatest effect. In the following paragraphs, we explain how this can be done.


One of the biggest revelations of my life was when i first learned about “Remote Viewing.” It was from people of unquestioned credibility. I had received my Ph.D. In physics a few years before, and thought that i understood the physical world. These experiments told me that my education had left out some very important things. Apparently the mind, and “consciousness” were much more powerful than i imagined. It started me on a thirty year quest to understand consciousness and how it can be integrated into modern physics.

One part of this research has involved experiments in “mind over matter,” the power of the mind to affect distant objects and future events. This has led me to the conclusion, documented in my first three books, that this power is very real. Experiments conducted at the Princeton PEAR Lab in the 1980s and 1990s, for example, showed that human intention can alter physical events at the quantum level. These results are scientifically solid. The “odds against chance” that such events can be accounted for by “coincidence” are now measured in the trillions to one! In other words, the power of our minds, of our intention, of prayer and meditation, is real. It has been proven.

In other experiments, meditators have been able to reduce the crime rate in cities such as Washington, D.C. By over 30% for several months. Others have used this power to accomplish distant healing and to affect radioactive decay in physics experiments. In the global peace prayer, we use this power to help the earth during this time of unrest and change. By linking our prayers together, and sending peaceful, loving thoughts to everyone on the planet and to the planet itself. We can smooth the transition we are presently undergoing. We can help calm fears, reduce aggression, and reduce the severity of earth changes.

We can make use of two principles to help with this. There is a certain time of day that is best to conduct peace prayers, and we have learned that simultaneous prayers by many people can have increased power. Therefore we describe below a technique and a schedule that can maximize these effects.

The shift that has begun on our planet and in the solar system will trigger psychological unrest in many people. It can also increase Earth changes which can further enhance unrest. We believe that these effects can be reduced by Synchronized Peace Prayers.

To make prayer the most powerful, we ask that everyone around the world pray simultaneously, at the same time. This will increase the power of the prayer, possibly by a factor of several hundred because more people are praying simultaneously. Prayer in each time zone is adjusted so that prayers are simultaneous all around the world. Prayers should be done EVERY DAY.

There is also a best time of day to receive prayer, a time when our receptivity is greatest (see below). Our prayers of peace, love and forgiveness, while directed to everyone around the world, may in this way have greatest effectiveness in calming and bringing peace to the world.. Let us pray that peace, love and forgiveness penetrate the hearts of all people.

The chart below, Table 1, shows the best time to pray to accomplish this. It is slightly different (about four minutes earlier) every day. It depends on what time zone you are in and the time of year. Times are chosen so they will have the strongest effect in the time zone of Washington, D.C. (East Coast) since it is here that many of the crucial decisions are being made on these matters.

The time zones and locations are listed in the left-hand column. Find the row which describes your time zone. Then move across to the right to find the column for the correct date. We have updated the times for Daylight Saving Time which is in effect in the U.S.) The dates are shown for every five days, but you should pray every day. On days not shown in the chart, choose a time for the closest day shown.  For example, if you live in Colorado, you look down the left hand column until you find Colorado or MDT for Mountain Daylight Time. This describes your time zone. If it is June 15, you then look across the top row of the chart to find the date, June 15. Going down that column to the row corresponding to Colorado or MDT you find the prayer time given is 11:55 AM. This is the center of the prayer period.

For a 20 minute prayer, this means beginning the prayer 10 minutes earlier than this. Since the center is 11:55 AM, you would start the prayer ten minutes earlier, at 11:45 AM. PRAYERS SHOULD BE DONE EVERY DAY.  Each day the best prayer time is about four minutes earlier. The chart shows the best prayer times every five days, to help keep track of the schedule.   However you should pray every day. If the day is not shown on the chart, choose a prayer time in between the times shown. If the times are inconvenient, then pray when you can but include the intention that the prayer is to be joined with others praying in the same time window.

We propose that the prayer be for world peace, forgiveness of others, healing of Mother Earth, and the awakening of love for our fellow man. This follows the lessons of the great Teachers of all religions.




TABLE 1. How to use it: Look down the far left-hand column to find your time zone. California, for example, is Pacific Daylight Time right now, or PDT.  When you find the right row for your time zone, then go across to the right column for the present date. If it is July 3, then find the columns for June 30  and July 5. Your prayer time is in between these two numbers. Choose that time for the middle of your prayer period. Other parts of the world may advance the clock over the summer at various times. If they do and you are there, simply refer to this table and add an hour during those periods..


The power of prayer has been known for thousands of years. Recent scientific experiments have proven it (Ref. 1). Experiments show that when people pray together at THE SAME TIME, it has EVEN MORE IMPACT (Ref. 2). Science has also discovered there is a SPECIAL TIME OF DAY when we are MOST RECEPTIVE to spiritual and intuitive messages (Ref. 3). Prayers received at this time are likely to have the greatest effect. If everyone around the world will pray at this time the prayers can have heightened impact, both because of the time of day and because many people are praying together. Fifteen or twenty minutes of concentrated prayer everyday at this time can work miracles. 

The Princeton PEAR Lab, the Global Consciousness Project, and other research institutions have discovered that consciousness affects physics and can be measured (Ref. 4). The human mind and human intention alter the behavior of devices called “random event generators,” or REGs. They measure the power of human intention to affect distant events. In scientific studies on prayer, it has been found that when many people pray together the effect is larger (Ref. 2).

The graph below shows this effect. The lower curve in blue shows the level of randomness of  these REGs when no one is praying. When many people around the world pray together, the devices begin to act as though they are coupled together (the red line on the graph). This shows that synchronized prayer affects the physics of space-time around the world. Prayer has power that can be measured, and synchronized prayer can have great effectiveness.

GRAPH 1. The power of synchronized prayer. The red line shows how prayer,  by millions of people around the world, affect devices called REGs. These devices have been shown to measure the power of consciousness. They are based on patterns of quantum noise which occur when many people around the world think the same thought or focus on the same idea.

The second key piece is the importance of the TIME when one prays. It has been discovered in scientific experiments that there is a BEST TIME of day when intuitive messages are most accurately  received. Prayer is an example of messages of this type. The graph below shows how accurately such messages are received versus TIME OF DAY. The peak in the graph shows the best time. It is found to depend on the position of the stars overhead, and is therefore called “sidereal time.”  Because the peak has width of about a half hour on either side, this defines a one hour window which should be the “best time” for sending or receiving prayer. Table 1 above, labeled “Best Time to Pray,” shows how this “best time” relates to your local clock time.

GRAPH 2. The most powerful time of day to receive a psychic message. This seems to be the time of day when psychic or spiritual communication is least noisy, which means it is clearer then. If we are sending an intuitive or prayer message to others, this is the best time for it to be received. Just like channels on a radio dial, it is best to send and receive on a channel which is clear and quiet, not one that is noisy. The peak in the graph shows when this occurs. It depends on the star positions overhead, which is why it is called “sidereal time” (Ref. 3)  Table 1 above translates this into your local clock time.

To have maximum effectiveness when we pray, it may be most powerful to combine these two ideas: To have many people pray TOGETHER, and also to pray at the BEST TIME for it to be received. In each time zone, when the clock reaches the BEST TIME, as shown by Table 1, everyone in that time zone should join their minds and hearts to pray together.

The times in each time zone are adjusted so everyone will pray at the same exact moment around the world. This means the largest number of people will be praying together, which will have the GREATEST EFFECT. The prayer is timed to correspond to the time during the day of best receptivity in the Middle
East. This is when the peak in receptivity, shown in Graph 2, is over that region. This part of the world appears most critical at the present time. It is hoped that by directing prayers there when they are most receptive, we may help encourage peace in the region.


We are living in a time of great change on the planet. We have built technologies which are transforming the world’s ecology and weather. Our investment in weapons of war is skyrocketing. New weapons including engineered diseases are being stockpiled. Tensions in the Middle East have erupted into “hot wars” in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon, and threaten to spread into Iran and Syria. At the same time, the Earth itself shows evidence of unrest, with increased motion of the magnetic poles, increased Earthquake and volcano activity, and changes in the environments of the sun and the planets of the solar system.

In many religions and cultures, the times we are living in have been the subject of prophecy. The Hopi Indians of North America are but one of many peoples who have predicted these times. They describe Western man as having a head and body which are separated. The body represents understanding of the physical world, i.e. technology, and the head represents spiritual wisdom. In the Hopi view, the separation of head and body symbolizes that Western man is out of touch with spiritual guidance, and therefore misuses his understanding of technology.

The great truth is that we are in the midst of a huge and far-reaching consciousness shift that is affecting the entire planet. This has been noted by consciousness researchers, Afterlife researchers, and UFO investigators. One of them, Sherry Wilde, stated:

“It is an absolute truth that the Earth will be moving into the higher vibration, and those unable to survive that shift because of their lower frequency will be taken to a new place to continue their growth at their own pace, without interfering with the Earth’s evolution or their fellow human beings right to live in peace.” (Wilde, 2013)

This same information emerged in a Dolores Cannon hypnotic regression with a client who made contact with advanced beings from a high spiritual plane. They told him:

“J: This is all going to be changing very shortly because the Earth is going to be too highly evolved for these spirits. So we’re going to be shipping these souls out …[John laughed suddenly.] You know, it’s like, ‘Okay, you had your chance here. Next boat is going to Arturis.’ (Humorously)…’Yup. You had your chances here. Now we have to ship you out to those other planets that are over near Arturis.’…Yes, he says those are still evolving planets. But these [higher vibrational] spirits won’t come back here because this planet Earth is changing.” (Cannon, 1993)

A UFO investigator, Mary Rodwell, learned similar information from one of her clients, Tracey Taylor:

“I also received information about the raising of human consciousness and of a dimensional shift that is presently happening on Earth. It is going to assist us and enable us to access ‘other realms’ more freely, as well as increase our spiritual understanding.”

-Tracey Taylor, a UFO abductee, in (Rodwell, 2002)

The respected clairvoyant channel Sal Rachele also received similar information:

Earth is becoming a fourth density planet. …This implies that only those souls vibrating at fourth density and above will be allowed to incarnate on Earth from this point forward… Those souls who decide to remain with the Earth are going through a spiritual awakening “Those souls who desire to live in true peace and prosperity will remain with the Earth, or in some cases ascend and go to other planets that accommodate peace and prosperity.” (Rachele, 2011)

Bruce Moen explored the higher dimensions of consciousness in the Afterlife, using Monroe Institute hemi-synch technology. In one of his excursions, he encountered a group of ETs and sensed a massive craft. They told him:

“We’ve come to this region to witness events taking place on the Earth. Specifically, the Great Event that is happening here to the Earth School …Its our understanding that one of the potential results of the Earth Changes, as you call them, is that the Earth will be joining our federation…” (Moen, 1999)

And Corey Goode has described his involvement in a U.S. military program that involved unusual psychic training, including Remote Viewing, Out-of-Body travel and telepathy, which gave him a unique perspective on these events. He has been receiving similar messages, as described in Chapter 10 of  Science of the Soul, The Afterlife and the Shift. He agrees that the Earth is about to go through a shift as it moves to a higher dimension, also called “density” or “frequency.” He says:

“Now Gaia is going through an Ascension. It is finishing its last transitions into fourth density. And we’re kind of like fleas on a dog, a dog that’s going though Ascension, and we happen to be on the dog. We’re riding a planet. And we’re riding the wave of Ascension, or the wake I guess you could say, of Ascension that our planet is going through…” (Cosmic Disclosure Gaiam Channel with David Wilcock)

Abduction researcher Mary Rodwell has investigated hundreds of individuals either displaying unusual abilities or reporting ET contact. Among her conclusions:

“We know that secret schools suggest an education program could be in operation and experiencers are taught, often experiencing a ‘downloading’ of information that can be way beyond their own conscious knowledge or learning…

“We know that those with Contact experiences seek a metaphysical or more universal spirituality, as well as having an ecological passion for harmony and a nurturing of themselves and the planet.

“We know that special human senses appear to be enhanced and individuals become aware of a new ‘super-reality’ of a multi-dimensional nature.

“We know there is evidence that supports the theory of “Homo-Noeticus,” a new generation of human children.” (Rodwell, 2002)  [Emphasis added]

P.M.H. Atwater, a Near-Death Experiencer and highly respected researcher, pointed out that Edgar Cayce had predicted a new “root race” of more advanced humans would appear. This would be the “fifth root race,” and would begin appearing on the Earth at around this time. They are expected to reach new heights of knowledge and spiritual attainment:

“I am especially mindful of what the Theosophical rendering pointed out for the Fifth Root Race: consciousness, separated into two hemispheres – East and West – now fusing back together; a global leap in species refinement. This is exactly what I have discovered in my research. The Fifth Root Race is not just another step up some kind of cosmic ladder. It is a pivotal shift in who and what we are as human beings. The success or failure of human ensoulment is said to occur at this level of evolutionary growth.” (Atwater, 2012)

 Reverend Alice Miller, an astrologer, described three waves of special children entering the Earth plane. She wrote: “Humanity is growing up, beginning to take responsibility for its own choices. Gradually, true Spirituality is replacing organized religion. It has served its purpose, and served it well, but the time has come for us all to take responsibility for our own moral choices…To this end, new generations of more-evolved children began to be born, first a sprinkling, then a small stream.” (Miller, 2011)

These changes are profound and far-reaching. They invite each of us to look within ourselves, to maintain our calm and loving center, to send love to the rest of the planet and to the larger universe. Let us send love and healing to Mother Earth and to one another, that our mistakes and mistreatment of the environment and of our fellow man may be healed, that we learn how to tread more gently on the earth, and that we be forgiven for the disturbances we have so far created. Let us raise our vibration and our level of consciousness so we can connect to the higher beings who will be appearing on the Earth at this time, and so that we can greet these changes with understanding, calm and love. Remember that as Souls we live forever. This is but a short and exciting chapter in our experience.


In the West every day we see images of violence and war. War has never solved problems for very long. The defeat of Germany in World War I led to resentment and poverty and eventually to the rise of Hitler and World War II. The wisest teachers have taught a very different lesson. Jesus said:

“…if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” (Matthew 5:38-41)

Jesus taught that violence solves nothing. It only creates more violence. It hurts and angers the victim who vows and plots his revenge. Jesus realized and taught the great lesson that the best way to destroy an enemy is to make him your friend. Jesus taught that the only way to end violence is to:

 “…Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you…” (Matthew 5:44)

The alternative is to create more and more people around the world who hate us and plan and live for our demise. With the increasing power of modern weapons, nuclear, biological, and chemical, even a weak enemy can cause death and suffering on a massive scale. And we know from experience that this only leads to retaliation and escalation. It will only stop when one of two things happens.

(1) Either we destroy ourselves in a global conflict, which has been predicted by many, or

(2) We escape this fate by trying something new: forgive and send love to our enemies, and pray for peace and healing everywhere.

 It is up to us to begin the forgiveness process, to love, to send prayers daily around the world to ease the anger and fear, to forgive the violence, to pray for a growing peace. Let the fires of hatred and fear and revenge burn down, let the embers cool. Remember that each of us possesses an immortal soul and is here to learn. Let us follow the teachings of the great Masters of all ages, sowing love and kindness and generosity, and extending it in prayer to all living souls around the world.

When we look beneath the external trappings of any religion, it is remarkable how similar are the underlying beliefs. We offer two examples here. The first is the “Golden Rule,” which in Christianity is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This same belief is taught in most of the world’s religions:

 Buddhism (Udana-Varga): Hurt not others with that which pains yourself. 

 Judaism (Leviticus 19:18): You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 

Confucianism (Mencius VII.A.4): Try your best to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself, and you will find that this is the shortest way to benevolence.

 Hinduism (The Mahabharata): This is the sum of duty: do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.

Christianity (Matthew 7:12): Whatever you wish that men would do to you, do so to them.

 Islam (Hadith): No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.

As a second example, consider the teaching of Jesus to “turn the other cheek.” This is often considered a more unusual teaching, because it emphasizes that we should not return violence with violence. In a world torn by terrorism and war, this lesson is too seldom heeded. Yet it is not unique to Christianity. Consider the following quotes:

 Buddhism (Dhammapada 201): Victory breeds hatred, for the defeated live in pain. Happily live the peaceful, giving up victory and defeat. 

Judaism (Talmud, Baba Kamma 93a): One should choose to be among the persecuted, rather than the persecutors.

 Confucianism (Mencius IV.A.14): In wars to gain land, the dead fill the plains; in wars to gain cities, the dead fill the cities. This is known as showing the land the way to devour human flesh. Death is too light a punishment for such men who wage war. Hence those skilled in war should suffer the most severe punishments.

 Sikhism (Adi Granth, Shalok, Farid): Those who beat you with fists, do not pay them with the same coin, but go to their house and kiss their feet.

Christianity (Jesus in Matthew 5:38-41): You have heard that it was said, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” But I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also; and if any one would sue you and take your coat, let him have your cloak as well…”

 Islam (Forty Hadith of an-Nawawi 32): Let there be no injury and no requital.

Such correspondences can be found for almost all religions. Therefore, as the world becomes smaller it would serve us well to look at the underlying similarities in religions, rather than the differences. These similarities are not due to coincidence. They are due to a deep intuitive knowledge on the part of religious founders. These rules seem to describe important truths about how the universe works and how we should live. The alternative, in this time of nuclear and biological warfare and a seriously damaged environment, may be our destruction. A non-violent solution is to pray for global healing and peace.






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