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1.      In 1895 the teacher of Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar announced that a new Yuga Cycle had begun. These are the periodic cycles of civilization that are written about in the Hindu sacred texts, the Vedas. These cycles last about 24,000 years during which civilizations rise, go through Golden Ages in which there is great enlightenment and knowledge, and then decline into periods of Dark Ages when many of the teachings are forgotten. Sri Yukteswar explained that new rising cycle had begun in the 1600s, which we know as the Renaissance. The discoveries of Physics, Electromagnetism, Steam Power and the Industrial Age were indications that this new cycle had begun. Sri Yukteswar was a highly evolved wise man, an adept. You can read about him in Autobiography of a Yogi (Yogananda, 1946) or in his book Holy Science (Yukteswar, 1948)

2.      According to Sri Yukteswar, the discoveries of nuclear science, of quantum physics, Relativity and DNA are all stages of understanding that naturally follow this evolution. Over the next several thousand years, civilization will advance as we being to understand subtle energies, the energies that make up the aura, and more advanced and elusive concepts. As this evolution develops, we become more and more able to move beyond an understand of matter and able to understand subtler and finer energies and dimensions. Part of this evolution involves an appreciation of consciousness, of the ability to use it to create the world we want, and the integration of consciousness with science. As this proceeds, we will come to understand that the universe contains other dimensions and forces that are beyond our present understanding.

3.      The new ideas will include new forms of propulsion, and new forms of energy that today are barely guessed in the larger society, although there may be some groups who understand these concepts and forces. As time passes in this new cycle, these ideas will become more widely known.  We will come to realize that our universe, previously believed to be empty, is actually filled with intelligent life.

4.      Along with this, we will learn of other dimensions, the reality of other forms of energy, the existence of the soul and our connection to other intelligence throughout the universe. We will begin to realize the material world is not all there is. The discovery of subtle energy, prana and chi is the first step to learning of the higher energies of the soul, and of higher dimensions of energy and consciousness. We will learn, as the Out of Body pioneer Bob Monroe discovered, that: “we are much more than a physical body” and we are profoundly connected to other intelligence throughout the universe…

5.      One of the revelations is that this physical life we are living is but one of the dimensions that exist in the universe. It has been likened by many sages and shamans to a “small ball” that is suspended beneath the higher dimensions. We live in a small region that we call the “physical universe,” and we think it is all there is. But the message that comes from many adepts, as well as through NDEs, OBEs and other forms of experience, is that our physical universe is only a small part of the larger universe. They tell us that souls incarnate here to learn new lessons and advance in wisdom, but then return to the higher dimensions. Dolores Cannon, who regressed thousands of people through past lives, says that when they leave this lifetime at their death, they say: “Oh, it was just a play!” Our life here was a temporary exercise in which to learn. It seems like everything to us, but there is a much vaster universe beyond this, with higher dimension and more advanced beings. And as Dannion Brinkley, a three-time Near Death Experiencer said, our true identity is as “magnificent, powerful immortal souls trying to have a physical experience.” So when conditions in the “real world” get you down, try to remember who you really are!

6.      These new revelations bear on the important messages being delivered  by people like Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Michael Salla, William Tompkins and Steven Greer. They tell us that our old vision of “reality” is obsolete. There are many dimensions and many discoveries that take us into a much bigger and more exciting vision of reality. Many of these discoveries have been hidden from the public at large. But they relate to all of us, and it is important that we understand them. They say there have been new discoveries that make energy cheap and available anywhere, because it is the energy of space itself. They tell us there are new forms of propulsion that will make it easy to reach the stars. They tell us that the old restrictions of text book physics have long ago been superceded, but the information has been concealed from us. But there are some groups who know about these breakthroughs and are using them. It is time for the public at large to learn about them. It is time for new energy sources and technologies to be made freely available to the larger society, to solve pressing environmental problems. The time has come to open up the doors to these new breakthroughs.

7.      This is called Disclosure. It is the disclosure of revolutionary technologies. It is the disclosure of a much larger universe, a universe filled with life, a universe with many intelligent species and a much longer history than we have been told. Dr. Michael Salla calls this subject “Exopolitics” because, once we become aware of off-planet civilizations and the ease and speed of travel through space, then the nature of the universe changes. Suddenly it is not just this little ball of Earth with a few billion humans. We become suddenly aware of other planets, of other stars, and of other civilizations. The universe is suddenly much larger and more complex. And if we are to take our place in the larger universe, the first step is to be aware that it exists. And this means that the secrecy about this larger world and the technologies that connect us to it, must end.

8.      This is the message that these early heralds have brought to us: William Tompkins, Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla. And even though he does not agree with all that they say, Dr. Steven Greer has also been an important messenger. The details and differences between different messages can be cleared up over time. The first step is to make the information available. Tell us the truth about the civilizations in Antarctica. Tell us the truth about new forms of propulsion and energy. Tell us the truth about the capabilities of Telepathy and of consciousness. This is a new and revolutionary science, and it opens up a new world. It is part of the future world that the new Yuga Cycle is bringing in, as intelligence on the Earth rises, and our ability to perceive and discern increases.

9.      According to some of these messengers, the time is short for us to absorb these new messages. Although our souls live forever, and we can take our time about evolving, the tell us that the Sun is about to go through an energetic phase which will accelerate the expansion of consciousness on the Earth. It may be difficult for many to accommodate if they are not prepared. To take advantage of the changes that are occurring, we need to be prepared mentally and spiritually. It will affect the subtle energies of our body, and it will affect our emotional makeup.

10.  The reader is referred to Corey Goode for advice on how to adjust to these new energies (ref__). Read the websites, watch the interviews and read the books to arrive at your own conclusion about the truth of these revelations. The time of mindlessly following the exprets has past. Each person must THINK for himself, question and do the research.

11.  But in the meatime, perhaps we can all agree that the time has come to END THE SECRECY surrounding these vital subjects. Make the information available to all of us. FULL DISCLOSURE – let that be our intention and our prayer. Use the information with love, but learn the whole truth.

12.  In our joint prayer and our joint intention, let us declare that we are ready to wake up! To acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe. We are ready for contact and guidance from other beings, in this and higher dimensions – we seek to grow, to learn, to know the truth, and to use this knowledge and our power of intention to create a future society of abundance and kindness, of wisdom and love.



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