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Reviewer: Cynthia Sue Larson,, San Francisco Bay Area:


"Physicist Dr. Claude Swanson has written a superb book on the subject of paranormal research, experiments and theories. Topics included in this masterful book include: prophecies, remote viewing, extra-sensory perception, psychokinesis, group consciousness, cell-to-cell consciousness, levitation, teleportation, out-of-body experiences, adepts, and near death experiences. Each subject is presented with remarkable clarity, a historical overview, relevant diagrams and insightful observations into what appears to be going on. Swanson's choice of material and experiments to be included in The Synchronized Universe is outstanding, as these studies represent some of the most fascinating and noteworthy highlights in the history of paranormal research. From the more well-known studies showing global consciousness of events prior to their occurrence, to lesser-known experiments in which one-day-old chicks demonstrate psychokinetic powers by influencing a randomized robot to hover in their vicinity, The Synchronized Universe provides in-depth yet easy-to-understand summaries.

"The Synchronized Universe maintains an impressive overall sense of purpose while covering a vast range of subject matter, and brings it all together in the riveting final chapter in which Swanson presents the Synchronized Universe Model (SUM), to describe how consciousness influences the physical world. This theory explains that all particles in the universe undergo tiny orbits around their central, average locations... and that each particle has a fundamental frequency, which is proportional to its mass. The synchronized universe model predicts that particles that are not in "synch" will be invisible and will not interact with visible particles, but will appear as "noise," while particles that are in synch can interact across distances of time and space. When people meditate, they gain the benefit of attaining a state of conscious coherence of frequency, which enables adepts such as yogis to demonstrate psychokinetic powers as all the cells in their body act together in unison to achieve a desired result.

"I give The Synchronized Universe my very highest recommendation! It is ideal for anyone seeking a logical, scientific theory to explain and predict paranormal phenomena."

- Cynthia Sue Larson,


"The Synchronized Universe is a well-written and exciting presentation of the latest scientific evidence proving the existence of the paranormal. Swanson's suggestions about how present physics can be modified to understand and explain some of these strange phenomena may go a long way to healing the ancient split between science and spirituality. The implications of this book are far-reaching."

- Brad Steiger, best selling author, Mysteries of Space and Time


"Dr. Swanson has allowed us to join his inspired and inspirational research into life's mysteries. This unique contribution brings worlds together and offers a next step in our human education."

--Rabbi Michael Shapiro


"Dr. Swanson in his important book, The Synchronized Universe, reveals that some physical theories may have to change to accommodate solid ESP findings. He shows us these data down through the years through words, pictures and graphs...One needs to get out on the edge of what is known and design research which will provide additional information. I believe Dr. Swanson is that kind of researcher and he certainly shows strong evidence in his book why it will be necessary to change some of our theories in order to expand our knowledge."

-- Janet Lee Mitchell, Ph.D., author of Out-of-Body Experiences, A Handbook.


"I am swamped with required reading, but I just had to 'leaf through' that book! I was thrilled that he had summaries at the end of every chapter, so I was able to at least read those. When time permits, I will go back. It is amazing how he was able to connect all the learning (and books) that I have done since I was a teenager. What a great resource book for me to have in my library! WOW...what a brilliant man!"

--Deborah, Phoenix, Arizona


The Synchronized Universe is a courageous, audacious, and very sophisticated catalog 
of seemingly interrelated phenomena that transcend currently accepted models of physics, 
and are thus called "paranormal." It is an almost unique work of synthesis and skilled 
documentation, coming as it does from a physicist who was rigorously trained at MIT 
and Princeton in mainstream physics. …I give this significant work my highest 
recommendation.  It is a landmark book that deserves wide recognition.
 -- Dr. Eugene F. Mallove, Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine in book review


“Due to its comprehensive and exciting subject matter, Swanson’s book is a real page-turner, with neat summaries at the end of each chapter…

This book is a pleasure to read, to share, and to donate to your local school and public libraries.”

- Camille James Harmon, UFO Magazine Book Review


“The Synchronized Universe, by physicist Dr. Claude Swanson, Ph.D, provides a revised model of Quantum Mechanics that supports the evidence for ESP as well as a model for UFO propulsion. In my opinion his model effectively bridges the traditions of ancient mysticism and modern science. Kudos to John Schuessler for inviting Dr. Swanson to the MUFON Conference.”


--Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Life Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri. Elsewhere Dr. Sprinkle has stated that The Synchronized Universe is one of the best books available on the paranormal.



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