Volume 2: Life Force, the Scientific Basis


The book “Life Force” has become a classic taught in Universities and Energy Healing programs. It provides extensive evidence for the reality of “remote energy healing” and describes the scientific studies which reveal the nature of this energy. It has been known in many cultures throughout the centuries, called by many names: “prana,” “chi,” bioenergy, “orgone,” Od, and most recently has been rediscovered by scientists in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, who call it “Torsion.” It is the “Fifth Force,” missing from conventional Western physics textbooks. It is the key to most spiritual and “paranormal” phenomena. It is coupled to consciousness and is what makes possible ESP, PK, Remote Viewing and the Power of Prayer. It has been called a “Tour de Force” by Prof. Rustum Roy, Full Professor at Penn State. It is an essential introduction to the “New Physics.” (800 pages, over 150 illustrations, over 1,000 references)

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