Volume 3: Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift


This book is the result of a TEN YEAR investigation by physicist Dr. Claude Swanson of the scientific evidence for the Soul and the Afterlife. It describes TEN DIFFERENCT TYPES OF EVIDENCE that the Afterlife is real and that our Consciousness and our Souls survive death. Recent scientific breakthroughs enable us to communicate with these realms and learn about conditions in the Afterlife. Here is our true Home and Identity. It is the key to understanding higher consciousness and our Purpose in Life. Over pages, over 200 figures and over 1,000 references. Three-time Near-Death Experiencer Dr. PMH Atwater, a best-selling author and respected researcher, said of this book: “I’ve seen many good research volumes…but NONE WITH THE STRENGTH, POWER AND THOROUGHNESS YOUR BOOK CONTAINS.” Dr. Jeffrey Long, M.D. and director of NDERF.ORG, the largest website and organization that studies the Near-Death Experience, said of this book: “OUTSTANDING! This is an important work that will be informative and inspirational to a vast number of people.”

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