Dr. Swanson, a Ph.D. physicist educated at M.I.T. and Princeton University, has written three books which we call the “Synchronized Universe series.” They fill in the “missing physics” between the strange phenomena we see in the world and the standard “textbook physics” that is taught in schools.

Standard physics does not include the effects of consciousness, even though quantum pioneers such as Schroedinger explained a century ago that CONSCIOUSNESS AFFECTS PHYSICS. Yet it is not included in present textbook physics. Our books endeavor to correct this.

Standard physics does not explain Remote Viewing, even though it has been used successfully and with high accurarcy by our military for fifty years!

Standard physics does not explain ESP or PK (mind over matter) or Remote Healing, although they have been demonstrated with overwhelming statistics (trillions to one against chance) by the Princeton PEAR Lab and others.

Standard physics cannot explain levitation, despite many successful demonstrations. It cannot explain teleportation, even though it has been demonstrated under controlled conditions in the lab. It cannot explain faster than light travel, despite abundant evidence that UFOs and extraterrestrial craft are frequently observed on the Earth. It cannot explain the nature of the Soul, although there is abundant evidence from many sources that consciousness survives physical death. These are only a few of the “anomalies” that textbook physics cannot explain, yet there is strong evidence that they are real.

Dr. Swanson has written three books which document the evidence that these many “anomalies” are very genuine phenomena, and has outlined how our present science can be modified and expanded to include these important phenomena. This is in truth the “physics of the future,” and it is a science that has already arrived and is playing an important role in the great CONSCIOUSNESS SHIFT that is occurring on the Earth.

Volume 1-      The Synchronized Universe

Volume 2-      

Life Force, The Scientific Basis


Volume 3- Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift

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These three books describe in detail and with hundreds of illustrations, graphs and references, the evidence for a wide range of paranormal phenomena that appear to be completely real, and which play an important role in the Consciousness Shift that is occurring on our planet.

We are entering a New Age in which we will learn to use our powers of consciousness to create a better reality for ourselves. We will learn, and are learning, that the limitations of physics that were learned in the 19th century, the “Age of Steam,” are only partially true, and that many of the limits we were taught about science will be surpassed and overcome in the discoveries that are emerging.

For example, in the 19th century, we learned that “entropy can never decrease” and that “energy must be conserved.” However, in recent years, breakthroughs in Russia have shown that space posseses a property called Torsion, and this makes it easier to extract energy from space, and to propel objects at speeds greater than light.

This same substance, Torsion, is central to Oriental medicine, where it is called “chi,” and in Ayurvedic science where it is known as prana. Russian scientists have developed equations for this amazing energy, and shown that it can be used for new technology, communication, energy and propulsion. This same important substance makes up the human aura, and is central to energy healing, growth and health. This is  described in detail in Volume 2, titled Life Force, the Scientific Basis.


Dr. Swanson has recently completed the third volume in this set, titled Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift. Here he shows that this special Life Force Energy called Torsion also explains scientifically many aspects of the Afterlife and the Soul. He has spent ten years collecting the best scientific evidence that proves the reality and nature of the Afterlife and the Soul. Phenomena such as ectoplasm, so important in Seance phenomena, are found to involve Torsion. This resolves many ancient mysteries about these important paranormal phenomena, and helps explain the reality and nature of the Afterlife.

In Volume 3, one type of evidence for the Afterlife and survival of the Soul is demonstrated by physical mediums. In Seances they produce a remarkable substance called “ectoplasm” that bridges the spirit and physical dimensions, allowing deceased spirits to take concrete form, speak and be photographed in infrared light as shown here. Torsion energy is key to understanding this.

 The 16th Karmapa in deep mediation shows that by changing his frequency he can almost disappear. This is consistent with Dr. Swanson’s Synchronized Universe Model and explains the higher planes of the Afterlife.




There have been many prophecies of a great “consciousness shift” predicted to occur in our present time. This includes Hopi and Mayan prophecies, and more recently prophecies from Edgar Cayce and other clairvoyants. These have been echoed by messages from ET abductees and contactees. The “shift” is said to include a dramatic increase in the level of consciousness on the Earth, increased awareness of advanced off-planet civilizations, and disruptive Earth changes. Dolores Cannon hypnotically regressed thousands of individuals and reached a similar conclusion. She was told that the Earth is becoming a higher-dimensional planet, in their terminology, a “Fourth Density” and possibly even “Fifth Density” planet.

Recently whistleblowers in the so-called “Secret Space Program” have echoed similar predictions, and measurements by NASA of changes in the sun and planets appear to confirm that a shift is underway. In this talk we review some of this evidence, evaluating how strong it is and how it may be affecting consciousness, psychic ability and spirituality on the Earth. Are we truly entering a time of a “great Consciousness Shift?” If so, what is the evidence for it, and what is the science that could explain these changes we are seeing? And if this is true, what will happen next?

One of the most intriguing messages encountered in this exploration is that, as the Earth shifts its vibration upward into “Fourth Density” and beyond, it will enable us to finally accept openly the reality of off-planet civilizations who have been here for a long time. This shift makes it easier to accept and interact with them. In the words of several contactees, “This will enable the Earth to join the Federation.” Viewed from this perspective, this is a momentous change, and may even be one of the primary motivations of the UFO abduction and hybridization programs. As a result, the “shift” may be central to understanding our relationship with our cosmic neighbors.

Dr. Swanson has just completed a ten year study of higher consciousness as it manifests in the Afterlife and the science of the Soul which enables us to understand these events and relate them to present science. From this perspective, he presents a scientific model for how consciousness is affected by these extraordinary events, by the great “shift” and by ET contact, and by Out of Body and Near Death experiences which introduce us to these higher dimensions. He also presents a scientific model which may explain the cause of the “shift” and help us understand the transformation that is taking place in our solar system. 

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Dr. Swanson has just completed a new book on the “Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift.” It is the key to understanding consciousness and the purpose of life. The Soul is the essence of who we are. It is the center of our consciousness and our identity. When we look out at the world, we see it through the eyes of the Soul. It is who “we” are. And our Souls live forever.

Dr. Swanson has conducted ten years of scientific research into the nature of the Soul and the Afterlife. He has found more than a dozen different phenomena that show that we do not die: our consciousness continues after death. The evidence includes:

1. Near Death Experiences (NDE) in which individuals have revived after clinical death and described what they saw.

2. Out-of-Body experiences (OBE) in which people went “out of body” at the time of death and watched their physical body from “outside.”

3. Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) in which departed spirits leave messages recorded on electronic devices.

4. Telepathic Mediumship: extensive messages from departed spirits verified in double blind testing

5. “Direct Voice” Mediumship in which spirits create audible messages in their own voice, accent and language. They can be heard and recorded by anyone and reveal information unknown to others.

6. Hypnotic past life and between-life regressions, verified by subsequent investigations

7. Early childhood memories of past lives, subsequently verified

8. Automatic writing: spirit communication through physical manipulation of the writing hand of the medium, later verified as details of the previous life.

9. Séance phenomena: manifestation of physical body of deceased spirit through “Ectoplasm,” verified with castings and infrared photography.

10. Messages in dreams and visions (often comes to family members of the departed).

11. Possession or spirit attachment – often the cause of psychological problems or unusual abilities. Methods of depossession that reverse the condition.

12. Ghosts, hauntings, & poltergeists

13. Accounts and sacred texts of Adepts and masters who can “visit” the Afterlife and higher planes of consciousness at will.

All of these sources describe the Afterlife in similar terms. It has levels, and distinct regions that are found in many cases. [>>>LINK TO VOL III]

Each type of evidence is described extensively with photographs and scientific evidence. Dr. Swanson presents a scientific model for “where” the Afterlife exists and how the Soul continues to exist after death, and preserves the memories, knowledge and personality of the individual.

There are two important scientific elements in understanding the Afterlife and Soul. One of these is the “Synchronized Universe Model,” or “SUM” developed in Dr. Swanson’s first book. [ >>>LINK TO VOL I] it explains that we live in a “multiverse” with many parallel realities of different frequencies. Our awareness of a plane of “reality” depends on how we are “synchronized” with that plane. At death we are no longer synchronized with our familiar plane of physical reality, and shift our frequency to one of the Afterlife planes.

The second component of the scientific explanation is the energy of “Torsion,” discovered by Russian scientists in the 1950s, and central to consciousness and to understanding paranormal and healing phenomena. Dr. Swanson’s second book, “Life Force,” is devoted to this subject [ >>>LINK TO VOL II]. It is the energy that makes up the Soul, and continues to survive after the body dies. It carries our consciousness and makes up the center of our identity. The “Astral body” observed during out of body experiments is an example of this energy.

Dr. Swanson explains how these two principles explain the many phenomena of the Afterlife.

By examining a wide range of data it becomes clear that our souls are immortal. We incarnate in physical bodies to learn lessons. Some of the greatest lessons are about love and our connection to one another. These connections extend across the universe and connect us to other higher and wiser beings. When we quiet our minds we can discern these connections. This is called “meditation.”

Dr. Swanson discovered in his research that an important “Consciousness Shift” is underway on the Earth at this time. This great “Shift” was predicted by the famous American psychic Edgar Cayce, and was predicted to occur around the time of the new millennium. Similar prophecies are found among the Hopi and the Maya, and have been echoed in clairvoyant messages from many sources in recent years. Recently scientific confirmation has appeared in NASA measurements that are consistent with a change in the background torsion energy of space. Russian research indicates that it can serve as the trigger for this “consciousness shift.” Therefore the evidence appears to be in place that a genuine consciousness shift is underway and the physics behind it can be explained by Dr. Swanson’s model. The timing and nature of this shift are described in detail.

As our understanding of consciousness advances, we are learning that, through thought, we actually “create” the physical world we experience. For this reason, it is vitally important to integrate this knowledge with contemporary physics.

We have the opportunity to create a new and glorious world of the future. One researcher calls it a “Star Trek reality.” However, it requires that we understand the power of the mind. As Souls we possess the ability to create our future. This is part of the scientific and spiritual revolution that is underway on the Earth at this time. [ >>> LINK TO VOL III]

It is for this reason that we recommend the “Global Peace Prayer” (see link) it is important to harness this powerful force of thought and intention and consciousness. It is the key to creating the world that we want.

Dr. Swanson’s books explain the “new physics,” what Western science has left out or covered up. They are the keys to understanding “spiritual” and “paranormal” events, UFOs, Out of Body experiences, levitation, teleportation, ghosts, Near-Death Experiences, and the nature of the Afterlife. It explains how “Qi-Gong” masters in China can create miraculous events at great distances in scientific experiments. It explains that death is an illusion and the Soul lives forever.

These are part of the powerful “consciousness shift” that is occurring right now in our world. It is waking us up to the truth that we are not alone in the universe, that we are immortal souls waking up to a magnificent new reality. We are connected to higher planes and other worlds, and our new science will reflect this reality.

Dr. Swanson’s website www.SynchronizedUniverse.com is being updated. In the meantime, books can be purchased directly from him by emailing Dr. Swanson at ClaudeSwanson@gmail.com.

VOLUME 1, The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal, is $49.
VOLUME 2, Life Force, the Scientific Basis, is $75.
VOLUME 3, JUST RELEASED, is Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift. It is $65

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HE WILL BE DESCRIBING HIS NEW BOOK, Science of the Soul, The Afterlife and the Shift.



VOLUME 1, The Synchronized Universe, New Science of the Paranormal, is $49. 

VOLUME 2, Life Force, the Scientific Basis, is $75.
VOLUME 3, JUST RELEASED, is Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift $65.