Volume 3: Science of the Soul

VOLUME III: The Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift

Volume III of the Synchronized Universe series investigates the evidence for the Soul and the Afterlife. A ten-year comprehensive investigation reveals extensive hard evidence that the Afterlife is real for everyone. It includes:

 Direct Voice – the dead speak: hundreds of Afterlife recordings
 Photographs, weight changes: lab measurements of the Soul
 The new technology of Torsion – energy of the Soul
 Out-of-Body and “Orb” lab experiments
 Near-Death Experiences-glimpses of the Afterlife
 A scientific model for the Soul and Afterlife
 “EVP”-electronic voices and pictures from the ‘Afterlife’
 Reincarnation: Verified Past-Lives
 “Double –Blind” testing of mediums
 Verified Hypnotic Recall: Past Lives, Between Lives
 Ectoplasm: The ‘Dead’ manifest in solid bodies, speak, move, are photographed
 Messages from the Masters: Adepts, Ascension
 The Power of Prayer and Intention

There is a rich wealth of evidence that the spirit survives death. One example is shown here, from a seance by Minnie Harrison. Her sister, known as “Aunt Agg” has been dead more than four years but materializes during the seance. She is covered with ectoplasm, which makes her form visible and tangible. In this form, she can speak and be photographed. It is one among many types of evidence that life continues after death These have been the subject of extensive research, detailed and referenced in the book.

This book also investigates extensive evidence that a far-reaching “Consciousness Shift” is underway on the Earth as humanity advances to a new higher level of understanding.

“NDEers universally report that they are never judged by the beings of light, but feel only love and acceptance in their presence. The only judgment that ever takes place is self-judgment and arises solely out of the NDEer’s own feelings of guilt and repentance.” — Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe (Talbot, 1991)

“People will say you are ‘dead,’ but that’s not true. ‘You’ are the ‘life,’ and you have left. ‘You’ are not dead. It’s your body that’s ‘dead’.” — Harry Hone, Near-Death Experiencer (Hone, 1986)

“You are as DEAD right now as you are ever going to be.” — Dannion Brinkley, Near-Death Experiencer (Brinkley, 1994)

Here are a few examples of the types of concrete evidence that show we continue to survive after the death of the body:

ORBS: Dr. Swanson’s research has confirmed that some “orbs” are genuine and are the astral bodies of deceased individuals. Although some “orbs” are artifacts due to dust, insects and lens flare, it is possible to avoid these by controlling the lighting conditions and achieve photographs of genuine orbs. They are often capable of responding to communication. They can move on request as the Nite Shot video frames below indicate:

Such orbs are often capable of producing faint high pitched voices that have been heard and recorded. Accounts from spirits in the Afterlife have been obtained that confirm what it “feels like” to BE AN ORB. Individuals have communicated through telepathic mediums and through DIRECT VOICE RECORDINGS describing their experiences when, in the Afterlife, they “visited” the physical plane as an orb. This is one of the ways that spirits in the Afterlife are able to check in on their loved ones who are still in the physical plane.

The Nite Shot video camera frames shown here are part of a larger study that involves interaction with orbs and shows they are able to respond to requests. Through this behavior they are also able to produce a variety of electronic messages and signals through the science of EVP that give further evidence that consciousness continues after death.

Dr. Swanson’s new book, “Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift” consists of over 700 pages of evidence, including over 1,000 references and 400 figures. It presents the comprehensive evidence from many fields of research that we continue to live after the death of the physical body. There are many planes in the Afterlife, and they are related to the higher planes of consciousness attained in deep meditation. The study of the Afterlife is directly related to the effort to integrate consciousness with physics, something that the quantum pioneers like Schroedinger discovered was necessary over a century ago.

Dr. Swanson describes new scientific discoveries that explain how the soul preserves memories of previous lives, and how it maintains the essence of personality after death. The Soul is the essence of our identity, the center of our perception of “who” we really are and where we are. The new energy of Torsion, which Swanson introduced in his second book Life Force, plays a central role in understanding the nature of the Soul.

Dr. Swanson also explains the physics behind the dramatic consciousness shift that appears to be underway on the Earth at the present time. This includes increases in intuition and ESP, leading to enlightenment on a global scale. The prospect of dramatic Earth changes in the near future are also discussed, and the presence of higher dimensional intelligences that play a role in our evolution.

A few examples of the types of evidence presented include:
1. “Direct Voice,” a form of physical mediumship in which spirits of the deceased are able to create voices that can be heard and recorded. Extensive data bases exist which dramatically demonstrate that death is an illusion.
2. EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena, include a variety of methods by which spirits are able to speak and conduct two-way conversations that can be recorded.
3. Physical Manifestations: Advances in infrared photography have made it possible to photograph an amazing substance called “ectoplasm” which exists partly in the physical world and partly in the spirit world. This has been used to cover bodies in the spirit plane making them visible to us in the physical world. They speak, move and show in convincing ways that we continue to exist after the death of the body.
4. Reincarnation Studies, conducted by scientists such as Prof. Ian Stevenson, have verified that children often remember their previous lives with such detail that their prior family can be located, contacted and interviewed. Over 2,000 such cases exist.
5. Past-life hypnotic regression has made it possible for many individuals to recover apparent memories of the time before their birth, and past lives that occurred even earlier. Researchers such as Dr. Michael Newton have found that these memories can be factually verified. They correspond to actual historical events and are not the result of imagination or hallucination.
6. Laboratory Out-of-Body Experiments have demonstrated that we are able to exist outside the physical body in an “OBE” state. This “Astral Body” is an essential part of the soul, and has been measured and observed in controlled experiments. At death it leaves the body permanently, but even when alive we are able to leave the body on occasion and explore higher planes of consciousness.
7. Telepathic information from spirits: For example, Medium Margaret Flavell gave a lengthy account from Rev. A.D. Mattson recorded in the book Witness From Beyond. Flavell was a proven highly accurate medium, having served in the same capacity for Air Marshall Lord Dowding in Battle of Britain. There are many accounts of the Afterlife from different mediums. In the book they correlate extremely well, whether from telepathy, automatic writing, Direct Voice, EVP, NDE, OBE or other means. In chapter 12 they are correlated and compared.
8. A dramatic “Consciousness Shift” appears to be underway on the Earth that is created by a concentration of “Left handed Torsion” in space that our solar system is moving into. This will enhance psychic ability and cause physical changes in our sun and the planets of our solar system. This event has been predicted by many sources, and Dr. Swanson presents a plausible scientific model that explains the nature of this “Great Shift.”

These are only a few of the examples that are described in detail in Dr. Swanson’s new book, Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and Shift [>>LINK BUY THE BOOK]

One type of evidence of the Afterlife comes from “physical mediums” who are able to generate “Ectoplasm.” “Ectoplasm” is an amazing substance that is part physical, part spiritual. It is used by spirits to cover their bodies and make them visible during seances. This makes them capable of being touched and photographed. It is also key to the “Direct Voice” phenomenon. The image below is of the Medium Minnie Harrison and shows Ectoplasm as it exudes from her during a séance. The photograph is taken in infrared light because ectoplasm is damaged by visible light


The Nobel Laureate Charles Richet conducted extensive experiments on Ectoplasm because it provides such powerful evidence for the Afterlife. He said of his experiments:

“When I recall the precautions that all of us have taken, not once, but twenty, a hundred, or even a thousand times, it is inconceivable that we should have been deceived on all these occasions…Sometimes these ectoplasms can be seen in process of organization; I have seen an almost rectilinear prolongation emerge from Eusapia’s [Paladino] body, its termination acting like a living hand… “(Richet, 1923)

Ectoplasm can be explained based on Torsion energy. With Torsion energy, similar spins attract, and this means that “phitons” or single fibres of Torsion will combine into larger “threads” of this energy. In essence they “twist” space around them, and any biological materials will be twisted as well. A physical medium contributes his cells, fluids and tissue which become intertwined with this energy to form a fiber or thread that is partly made of Torsion and partly made of physical cells. In this way, it exists partly in the physical world and partly in the non-physical or spirit world. Spirits who participate in séances are able to manipulate the Torsion part of this substance, because it responds to consciousness. In this way they manipulate the ectoplasm. However, the physical components can be photographed and make the spirit visible and give rise to a range of séance phenomena that are concrete and can be measured.

Here are the steps that we envision by which Torsion leads to Ectoplasm:

– First, the Torsion phitons interact and combine:

This twisting process can produce “fibers” and “threads”. Then the twisted torsion threads entwine with physical cells and fluid, mixing the physical with the “spiritual”:

Spirits can manipulate this material to make themselves visible. This is the key to Direct Voice, infrared photography and other séance phenomena

“Aunt Agg,” Aunt Agnes Abbot, deceased four years, materializes in Home Circle. Ectoplasm covers her face and other appendages, making them visible. Its fibrous nature is used by the spirits to produce a fabric or shroud that covers the rest of the body. The Medium is Minnie Harrison. In this way “ectoplasm” enables spirits to manifest tangible bodies. They can speak and be photographed. Torsion energy is a key ingredient of Ectoplasm and can explain these properties.

The energy form that leaves the body at death, and also during “Out of Body” experiences, has been measured and observed in scientific experiments. Illustrated below is an experiment conducted by Dr. Karlis Osis in which a person’s Out of Body form, his “Astral Body,” is controlled by his consciousness and detected and measured in controlled conditions.

The Out of Body Astral form, an essential part of the SOUL, has been observed and measured in Laboratory Experiments such as this one conducted by Dr. Osis. The presence of the Astral or Soul body set off strain gauges and electromagnetic sensors in the experiment.

Some “physical mediums” are able to use ectoplasm to create a “voice box” for spirits. Through it spirits are able to create physical, audible voices that can be heard and recorded. This phenomenon is called “Direct Voice.” Shown in the photograph is one of the greatest of these physical mediums, Leslie Flint, during a scientific experiment in which he is bound and gagged to ensure that he is not responsible for the “voices” that occur. Despite such controls, the voices appear just as loud as always. The evidence indicates that the spirits speak into the “voice box” made of ectoplasm, which enables it to be heard. Hundreds of such conversations have been recorded by researchers and are freely available at the Leslie Flint Foundation website.


Direct Voice Communication enables the “dead” to speak and be recorded. In the image above, medium Leslie Flint is gagged and immobilized, yet voices emerge in many languages and carry on two-way conversations.

Infrared photograph of Leslie Flint during a séance. Over his left shoulder an appendage of ectoplasm has appeared. It is the “voice box” used by spirits to make audible voices.

When we die, “something” leaves the body. Attending nurses and hospice workers have reported an “orb” leaving the body at the moment of death. Below this is captured by a photograph at the time of death.


A physician weighed a number of patients when they were near death. He found that at the moment of death their weight suddenly decreased by approximately 21 grams. This cannot be accounted for by any known process, and must be associated with the moment the energy of the Soul leaves the body. It is the same time at which an energetic orbs is observed to leave the body.The “Astral Body” is believed to be part of the Soul, and is the center of perception, awareness and identity. During Out of Body (OBE) experiments, the subject (Alex Tanous) would leave his body and attempt to view a target in an enclosed box in a different room. All of this was closely monitored and he was heavily instrumented. The presence of his astral body, or Soul Body, was detected by scientific instruments as it approached the target.

When Tanous was able to successfully view the target, a variety of instruments detected the presence of his Astral body. Strain gauges, optical and electromagnetic sensors all revealed that his Astral body was present in the vicinity of the target. This shows that the “Soul Body” does cause disturbances to physical devices and phenomena.

Research into EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, has found that those in the Afterlife have often been able to communicate through electronics with the physical world. Below is a device developed by George Meek which successfully carried on extensive communications with spirits.

During the near-death experience, even permanently blind people are able to see:

This chart illustrates the data acquired by Ring and Cooper (Ring, 1997) in their study of blind people who had Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). They found that a very high percentage of the blind are able to see, often quite well, during their NDE, even if they have never seen before, and even in cases when they have been blind all their lives. When they recover to normal consciousness they find that their blindness has returned. This is because their vision is not based on their physical eyes but through the perception of their astral body.

Significant increases in all categories of psychic ability occurred after a near-death experience (Sutherland, 1992). This shows that the Near-Death Experience is something real and profound.

In “normal consciousness” we learn to synchronize with our consensus “reality,” which is one plane out of many possible planes. By managing our conscious state and visualizing a different reality, we radiate coherent Torsion waves that can shift the synchronized planes and create a desired reality.


As the ratio of left handed to right handed torsion increases, the particle is knocked backward in time more and more frequently as it follows its self-orbit. This causes the path to become more convoluted, and this introduces more kinks and curls (“whorls” in the Leadbeater-Besant terminology). These three figures depict the shape of the “self-orbit” in a frame moving forward in time, so it is centered on the particle as time passes. As the ratio of left to right handed torsion increases, the self-orbit becomes more re-entrant. It takes on higher frequencies and higher harmonics. This enables the particle to resonate with higher frequency planes. This also increases ESP abilities and psychic communication. As noted in the diagram, this process of bringing in higher harmonics is also called “Raising the Gauge” by Dr. William Tiller (Tiller, 2001), to denote the changes in the physics when the density of subtle energy increases.

The higher spiritual planes involve our connection to other souls and our increasing realization that we are all connected at the soul level throughout the universe. Our consciousness increasingly overlaps that of others in the higher planes and dimensions. This is why the most advanced spirit contacts are often group intelligences.

Buddhic Star diagram. The central plane is God-Consciousness or Universal Consciousness. The central regions are the “Celestial Planes” which are very close to union with God Consciousness according to the Vedic Wisdom. Our knowledge of the higher planes of consciousness, beyond the Mental plane and the Buddhic plane, comes primarily from Hindu and Tibetan adepts who have mastered these higher levels. The information comes through Theosophical writings, as well, as collated by Besant, Leadbeater and Powell [11-4]

A model of the “phiton web” that fills space. It consists of short sharp pulses of light energy (combined with Torsion) to make up phitons. These are represented by the dashed lines in the figure. We assume they originate when an elementary particles “zig” and “zag” at the sub-quantum scale. When phitons come within close proximity to one another they interact. They can form knots and “nodes,” or they can repel one another depending on their mutual spins. This provides a basic logic element and introduces the possibility that such a phiton web can create a NEURAL NETWORK, which is a model for artificial intelligence. In other words, we have the possibility that the PHITON WEB IS CONSCIOUS. This provides a potential model for SPIRITS and for GOD, an intelligence without physical matter.

A schematic depiction of some of the levels in the Afterlife. These levels and the structures in them are made of subtle energy or Torsion. The level in which one finds oneself is based on ones deeds and development of his spirit, which is reflected in the frequencies and energy of the spirit body after death. (Diagram after Meek, 1987)

Our knowledge of the Afterlife which we gain from this research suggests a research direction for future physics. Our physics must include the effects of consciousness, including the existence of the higher planes in the Afterlife. According to the many sources of data in Swanson’s new book, there is a form of “spiritual matter” in those planes, made up of “Lifetrons,” and in those dimensions consciousness or thought is much more powerful than in the physical dimension.

From many considerations, these additional spiritual planes can be explained as the result of very short distance phenomena, on a scale much smaller that the atomic nucleus, and are due to very high frequency vibrations beyond gamma rays. This will take physics into a new realm, the “sub-quantum” regime in which the rules are different than in conventional quantum mechanics. The very small scales can no longer be ignored. The Uncertainty Principle does not operate here because it is not conventional matter, and this allows for new structures and phenomena at small distances, between the width of a proton, a “Fermi” or 10-15 meters, and the Planck length, 10-33 meters. We propose that in this vast region at small distances are found the higher planes of consciousness. This is indicated in the diagram below.

Another topic Dr. Swanson discusses in detail is the coming “Consciousness Shift,” including the evidence for it and the physical mechanisms that may be causing it. This involves predictions about when it will occur and the effects it will have on human consciousness.As the sun and its planets move around the galactic center, as indicated by the heavy arrow, Cruttenden has proposed that the sun also orbits around a small, local “dark star,” which could be a planet orbiting our sun at great distance. It must have a large mass to cause the observed effects but is very difficult to see with a telescope. The recently discovered “Planet Nine” may fit this description perfectly. Its effect is to give rise to local cyclic motion of the solar system with a period of 24,000 years. This could explain the Yuga Cycles. If there is a region of enhanced Left Handed Torsion along this orbit, perhaps in the form of a “cloud” or a “filament,” then the Solar System will pass through it periodically. This will cause the level of intuition and psychic ability on the Earth will rise and could account for past “Golden Ages.” It could also cause the predicted “Great Shift” or “Great Flash” of the Sun and the observed changes in the planets. This is indicated in the diagram.

SOHO Lasco photograph in 2000, bright objects are huge but not planets

There is photographic evidence that the Earth has been receiving “higher dimensional help” from powerful ET groups that have been manipulating Solar behavior to lessen the damage to the Earth when the “Solar Flash” occurs. Apparent craft as large as planets have been photographed by NASA in the Solar System, and some of these have been interacting with our sun.

Possible timing of the “Solar Flash” based on several considerations.


“I am especially mindful of what the Theosophical rendering pointed out for the Fifth Root Race: consciousness, separated into two hemispheres – East and West – now fusing back together; a global leap in species refinement. This is exactly what I have discovered in my research. The Fifth Root Race is not just another step up some kind of cosmic ladder. It is a pivotal shift in who and what we are as human beings. The success or failure of human ensoulment is said to occur at this level of evolutionary growth.” (Atwater, 2012)

“It’s an absolute truth that the Earth will be moving into the higher vibration, and those unable to survive that shift because of their lower frequency will be taken to a new place to continue their growth at their own pace without interfering with the Earth’s evolution or their fellow human beings right to live in peace.” (Sherry Wilde, 2013)

“Earth is becoming a fourth density planet. …This implies that only those souls vibrating at fourth density and above will be allowed to incarnate on Earth from this point forward… Those souls who decide to remain with the Earth are going through a spiritual awakening… “Those souls who desire to live in true peace and prosperity will remain with the Earth, or in some cases ascend and go to other planets that accommodate peace and prosperity.” (Rachele, 2011)

These are brief glimpses into Dr. Swanson’s new book, “The Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift,” which is over seven hundred pages, 400 figures and over a thousand references. It seeks to reveal the true nature of the Afterlife and how our science and world view must change to include these new discoveries.

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