The Big Story


The most remarkable discovery I have made in doing the research for this book is that the Earth, and the entire Solar system, is in the midst of a momentous consciousness shift. This can be understand physically because we are moving through a region of space with increased “Left Handed Torsion,” and this impacts psychic ability as well as physical effects. The science behind this is described in The Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift.”

The level of “vibration,” of spiritual sensitivity, which includes our ability to sense other dimensions and higher planes of consciousness, is on the verge of an enormous expansion. This will enable us to acquire many of the abilities we associate with Yogis and Enlightened Masters, and that are often ascribed to Extraterrestrials.

These abilities include heightened psychic ability, ESP, increased precognition and the range of abilities that today we term “paranormal” and associate with “enlightenment.” With this transition of consciousness, the paranormal will eventually become normal, and we will discover that our minds are immensely powerful. The most important lesson we must learn in this transition is to use our thoughts in a positive and constructive way.

The other profound lesson we will learn is that we are all immortal souls, connected to one Cosmic Consciousness, and this will prepare us to recognize our “cosmic cousins,” that have participated in the evolution of the Earth, and have been in the background for thousands of years. For the other great message that has come to us from these civilizations is that it is time for the Earth to “join the Federation,” and this is our graduation into a new, higher form of civilization. The Shift that is occurring will assist us in this transition.

There are other great secrets that we are about to learn. One of them is that “space travel” is easy. The nature of space, its essential property that has been concealed by various secret groups, is that travel through it can be easily accomplished at speeds much faster than light, and this means we can easily visit other stars and planets. And it means that they have been visiting us and participating in our evolution for a very long time. And we are on the verge of joining them.

Many of these groups possess technologies that can make our lives easier and more prosperous. These technologies are clean, and can solve the pollution problems of the Earth. They do not need to burn fossil fuels, any more than their space craft have exhaust pipes and emit CO2 fumes. Their technology is far beyond and ours will also be as we begin to work with them and learn from them.

Another great secret is that the imminent “Shift” is the PRIMARY REASON  BEHIND UFO ABDUCTIONS. Many of these ET groups are related to us and have long term concert for our welfare. They want to help us through this transition. Many of them have incarnated among us to help in this process, as researchers like Dolores Cannon and Dr. Michael Newton have discovered. This is why so many of the “new children” exhibit advanced mental and psychic abilities. They are growing up as humans so they can help lead us through this transition. In the process, by studying the messages that come from these contacts, we are being prepared for the changes that are coming.

In writing my most recent book, “Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift,” I have come to realize that my earlier scientific model for the “Synchronized Universe,” that I proposed in my first book, is very helpful in explaining the transition we are undergoing. A central prediction of that model is that we live in a “synchronized universe,” and everything we perceive as “real” is really just one plane of reality that we are synchronized with. To us it is the “physical world.” But I discovered that when our physical body dies, our synchronization changes. Then we shift to a higher frequency related to our Soul, and we perceive a plane of higher frequency we call the Afterlife.

There are actually many such planes, and as we evolve, we will successively become “tuned” into them as we rise in consciousness. It is just like changing the tuner on a radio dial. But at any point, the frequency we perceive determines the “reality” we see about us in that plane. There is more to it, but this deep insight explains the nature of higher consciousness and of the Afterlife. It also explains the nature of the great “Shift” we are about to undergo.

Another key I discovered, which I partially explained in my previous book “Life Force,” is that there is a special energy associated with consciousness that has been overlooked in Western science. The Russian scientist Kozyrev described this energy in the 1950’s and called it “Torsion.” It is really the same energy that has been known in Chinese science for thousands of years, where it called “chi.” Hindu Vedic sages also describe this energy, which they call “prana.” The truth is that it is an important force that has been left out of Western science, and is the key to consciousness and to all of the paranormal abilities and to the advanced technologies we associate with Extraterrestrials. It is also the missing ingredient that makes up the Soul. In my latest book, I describe at length the role this energy plays in the life of the Soul and in the Shift that is about to occur.

From my research, I conclude that this energy, “Torsion,” is also present in space, where its density varies from place to place. It is the essential ingredient that astronomers are misidentifying as “dark matter” and “dark energy.” It turns out that the Russian Torsion theory explains BOTH KINDS of energy, and predicted it more than fifty years ago. Its recognition by Western science will solve these long standing “mysteries” of astronomy.

But most importantly, as the Earth and Solar system pass through such clouds, if they contain strong concentrations of Left handed Torsion as we predict they do, then they will have a strong and immediate effect on our consciousness. The normal frequencies we are synchronized with, that make up our normal consciousness, will shift and increase as we pass into such a cloud. It will alter the self-orbits  of all matter, and this will have consequences to our consciousness, as well as to physical phenomena. We conclude  that this cloud of Left handed Torsion that we are passing through is the CAUSE OF THE SHIFT, and will result in changes in our Sun leading to a GREAT FLASH, will cause Earth changes such as increased VOLCANOES and EARTHQUAKES, and will also lead to a DRAMATIC INCREASE IN CONSCIOUSNESS AND PSYCHIC ABILITY.

As a result, we conclude that these “clouds” of Torsion in space that we are presently moving into are the root “cause” of the GREAT SHIFT that is now occurring. From this knowledge we can derive clues about how to best handle these changes, how to recognize the indicators of these changes, and how to prepare ourselves to navigate them most smoothly.

Given the magnitude of these changes, it is almost an afterthought to note that this very same Torsion is also the key to the technologies of faster-than-light travel, “Warp Drive,” and to technologies for clean and abundant energy. These are also revolutionary advances in human science, and yet they can only be properly handled if a commensurate advance in consciousness on the part of human beings occurs. To handle these new powers, we must be better people. And that means not misuse these gifts to make weapons of destruction. We can only receive these gifts if we are ready to be good stewards and use them properly.

If we can, then we are ready for a bright and glorious new chapter in our human evolution.

To move into such a new Age requires that our philosophy and our science are compatible with this new deeper understanding. That is why I have written this book, The Science of the Soul, the Afterlife and the Shift.  It provides a scientific grounding for these changes, but more importantly it explains in a deeper way who we are as Souls. This affects our treatment of each other and our understanding of our PURPOSE here on Earth. It can provide a philosophical foundation for the new view of reality that is opening to us.

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